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Electric Garage Door

Electric Garage Door

Solving electric garage door problems is our specialty since we are trained and well-equipped. The experience of our company with electric garage systems goes way back and we can assure you that our technicians keep up with the recent technologies and can be a valuable asset when you are confronted with problems.

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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

The great experience and knowledge of our teams can be valuable when you need a new door panel or wondering whether to install windows or not.

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Overhead Garage Door

Overhead Garage Door

We specialize in overhead garage door systems, hence, we can promise excellent services. Though, we never give up our training and that's why our crews are distinguished for their excellent competences and skills.

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Top 5 reasons to install a glass garage door

07/31/2016 Back To Blog

It's amazing how much difference changing the door of your garage can make to its aesthetic. Those who favor warmth will usually go for wood, the practical will lean towards metal, but glass is reserved for the modern and stylish. Here we list the 5 best reasons to replace your garage door with a sparkly new glass one. 

1.Variety of styling

One of the most important elements glass can give you is a certain level of flexibility in its styling, and its ability to match the other glass used in your home. Wood is flexible as it can be carved yes, but glass can be colored, glittered and textured to reflect light in a wide variety of ways.

2. Natural Light

In modern home development natural light is a prized asset. An abundance of natural light provides refreshing beauty to a room or area, this is something you can only achieve with a glass garage door. On top of aesthetics, increased natural light also means less electricity usage, which means a saving on the energy bills.

3. No reshaping through the seasons

Wood expands and contracts as the seasons change and the climate cools and heats up. Metal rusts and can degrade rapidly. Although many glass structures will require a metal or aluminum frame, having the majority of the structure made from glass means less issues relating to changing sizes or large areas of decay. Many will argue that due to this fact a glass door will require less maintenance and repair over the years, which can save owners money in the long term.

The savings made from the two previous points combined help justify the higher rates that can commonly be found with new glass garage door prices.

4. Increase the value of your home

It is possible to increase the value of your property with beautiful new garage doors made from glass. Glass is a material that is highly used in contemporary architecture, it’s highly prized by buyers and glass improvements generally are widely regarded as a modern upgrade to a property.

5. Ease of repair

If a wooden or metal door is cracked or broken, usually the exposure would mean entire sections of the doors having need to be replaced. These days, cracks in glass doors can be efficiently repaired with specialist filling tools. The procedures can be surprisingly affordable and the results usually bring even the strongest safety glass back to near perfect condition.

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